Wednesday, August 17, 2011


    I wish to obtain a patent. I will then sell rights to this invention. Once I have sold 49% of this patent, I will reveal the plans. So, if you want to know what my plans are you must first buy them and then I will start to work on them. I do know that my plans are very important and that you will be very glad if you buy them. If you do not buy them, it will be because you are BAD people. If you want to do the right thing, you can just compromise and do what I say. If you do not do things my way, I will become VERY mad, because I am right. Everyone should know that, because I have told them that I am right and everyone else is wrong.

    Remember, lets meet halfway and do it my way.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Raise state gasoline taxes, cut costs

Eliminate all FEDERAL gasoline taxes. Get rid of all federal employees that collect and disburse the FEDERAL gasoline tax. The individual states can then raise their gasoline taxes. This would give them more money then the feds now give back to them. They can use the some system and personnel to collect the additional taxes. The costs of the federal employees would be saved.
At the same time discontinue the use of our tax dollars to build roads and bridges in other countries other then those required for our military needs.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Cut Taxes, Kill The Beast

Governments destroy the standard of living in many ways other than by taxing the public.
The American public overpays for sugar because of sugar quotas that increse the cost to make our sugar producers richer. This has the effective of costing our candy industry jobs. We also GIVE money to countries such as El Salvador to feed the straving people, who wish to sell us sugar at the world price.
Cotton tee shirts are made overseas due to the import duties on raw cotton. Our import duties increse our costs and make it inefficient to manufacture underwear in this country.
In Maryland, out of state Wineries must pay a fee to local wholesalers and distributors.
The federal government just exacted a fine of 1.9 million dollars because a manufacturer produced shower heads that worked too well and exceeded the government standards. They also required the destruction of said shower heads.
All of the above actions occur because some government employees must justify their excessive.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Earned citizenship.

Military recruiters should be available at U.S. embassies abroad to accept applications. All recruits and their immediate families should be eligible for a three year visa after three years honorable service and be eligible to take a citizenship test after three additional years, with employment visas while awaiting results and processing.


We, that is the US government, just paid $158,000,000.00 to the country of Brazil to settle a lawsuit. While this only amounts to about 50 cents apiece, it disturbs me. It disturbs me for several reasons. first all, we do not have the money. We are broke. We must borrow the money. Every dollar borrowed from Americans means one less dollar for investment in productive ventures. Also I wondered what benefit do we derive for this transfer of funds to Brazil. It turns out that we have broken an international agreement in subsidizing American sugar producing companies. This benefits us by allowing Americans to pay higher prices for anything that uses sugar. and of course we are all in favor of higher prices. We are now allowed to borrow another $3,000,000,000.00 (that's 3 BILLION or about $10.00 each) to give to the American companies. Our option was to let tropical Brazil impose import taxes on our goods, making us non-competitive and thus increasing our unemployment rate. We have borrowed about 50 billion dollars over the past several decades and now we must borrow another billion or so to pay the interest on the money that we borrowed in order to give away so we can pay more for sugar. Don't blame this all on the democrats. Republicans support this programs. Maybe I was harsh. I should not have said democrats and republicans. I should have professional politicians. It is time to do away with the incumbents. Replace everyone who has spent three terms and anyone who has voted for any earmarks. Why don't we produce crops in which we have a comparative advantage the world market needs like corn or soybeans.

Support BP

I just saw an ad for free bumper stickers for a campaign to boycott BP. I have encountered many stupid ideas over the years, and this is certainly one of the dumbest I have ever heard. Someone wants BP to pay for the oil spill and believes that the best way is to reduce their income. I believe that the best way is to INCREASE their income. This would provide the money that they could use if the courts assess liability for the costs. I am going to look for a BP station today and fill my tank. I want them to be able to pay for the damages. Just my personal opinion as to the best way to get the necessary monies. I do not believe that the American taxpayers should pay nor do I believe that any one should be strongarmed a la obama.  You may enter your opinion.

Friday, June 18, 2010

I believe that Obama can win reelection. He has created many detractors, but still has many supporters. Many presidents have been hated. Lincoln and FDR are examples. However they were reelected. The people who speak out are the extremists who love or hate Obama. Most people do not know or care enough to understand the issues. Most elections are determined by 1-5% of the people who bother to vote. at least 1/3 of the public can not or will not make a rational decision. Chicken Littles are always around.
    A great deal of work must be done to inform the public of his misdeeds. He is not as much evil as uninformed. He really believes that everything that is not to his liking is caused by evil people. The lower average income of women could not be caused by decisions that they make but by evil men. The lower employment rates of blacks are not due to their failure to earn an education but by the efforts of non-black people to keep them depressed.  Nothing is his fault. It is Bush's fault. The gulf oil spill was not an accident but the fault of the evil oil company. Actually the oil company did not want any accidents.
    The democrats and the republicans both share responsibility for our problems. Most members of congress must be swept away. Obama will win unless someone appears who will make the hard choices necessary to convince the public. Anyone can pledge allegiance to motherhood and apple pie, but who will give real life examples of stands that they will take. Examples such as the previous listed ones.  Each person must try to locate candidates that will swear to take specific steps to reduce the burden of government. Then they must try to convince other people to support these candidates.